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Thinking and acting for the future

Your business depends on reliable intralogistics - the highest possible availability of your trucks is a primary requirement. Minimising outage times requires permanent availability as well as fast and personal attendance - STILL is close to you 24 hours a day. Our technicians are your experts. Standardised repair processes for each truck ensure efficiency and a high service quality.

The STILL Service offers a complete portfolio - from maintenance, repair and Full Service to a digital overview of all service data. Our services ensure the availability of your fleet. Please get in touch with us for your customised service concept.

Diagnostic and repair

STILL has developed a special diagnostic system which drastically reduces the testing process when fault finding.


Wear repairs

Normal wear parts are replaced during maintenance.




Repair following an accident

Getting your vehicle back into operation quickly.





We can retrofit your vehicle.




High availability, efficiency and user friendliness are not only characteristics of STILL vehicles.

We demand the same of our forklift and warehouse technology replacement parts as well. STILL Original Parts® are always at the leading edge in safety, technology, life span and fitting accuracy. And only STILL Original Parts® guarantee quick repair at the manufacturer's standards of quality!




Forklift Forks

Absolutely reliable - also under extreme strain




Wheels, Rollers, Tyres

For smoothly running work processes





Finest Filtering Technology, Long Life




Forklift Driver Seats

Ergonomic workplace for increased productivity




Electronic Components

Power electronics directly from STILL




Service sets

Simple maintenance, high operational readiness



Accessories and Retrofitting

Increase the safety and productivity of your vehicles, with our broad product range.

Forklifts are used in a wide variety of environments and situations. This means that each company has its own set of individual needs and demands on how its vehicles are to be equipped. Sometimes even the smallest of details can make all the difference.

With original STILL accessories you can equip your forklift so that it is exactly as you want it - and you do not always need the assistance of a STILL service technician. Use our broad range of accessories to increase your vehicles' productivity.

The demands on your vehicles often change throughout its lifetime. This may be due to a different area of use for the forklift or new demands on the entire fleets' workplace safety or cleanliness standards. Efficiency and steering other are common reasons for wanting to optimize intralogistic processes.

STILL will help you face these new challenges and adjust to new needs. We offer a wide range of retrofittings which our service technicians are able to mount expertly according to your requirements.


Safety Light

The visual warning system





Reliable and powerful




Auxiliary Products

Optimizes your workplace processes.



Maintenance and Full Service

Maintenance and service are the guarantors for the unlimited availability of your fleet.

Maintenance and service are the guarantors for the unlimited availability of your fleet. STILL therefore supports a continuous maintenance, which is tailored to your needs. Here we have the timely execution of security checks always in sight and you always have perfectly maintained vehicles! Repair periods and costs become predictable and you have a clear head for your core business.





Regular inspections are essential in order to ensure a smooth working process and safety in the workplace.

Safety covers all inspections of forklifts, accessory devices, loaders, batteries, and shelving units in accordance with governmental or insurance regulations and manufacturer recommendations. These inspections all have varying timeframes and scopes which are discussed in more detail in the following area.

The aim is the greatest possible degree of safety for your vehicles, drivers / staff, warehouse and goods.

If you like, scheduling can be handled completely by STILL. We make sure that all regulations are complied with. Inspections can often be combined with maintenance, saving both time and expense.




FEM 4.004

STILL's work in the thorough examination check is as quality conscious as in all the other areas.




Exhaust Inspection

Measurement of rust particles and the carbon dioxide content of diesel engine exhaust.




Propellant Fuel Inspection

In order to avoid gas leakage, the fuel system is inspected to ensure proper operation.




Inspection of Accessory Devices

Accessory devices are also examined for damage, wear and tear, leakage and proper installation as part of FEM 4.004 inspections.




Battery Inspection

Regular inspections increase battery life and improve performance guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for use.




Loader Inspection

Examination and the maintenance of a loader's functions ensure better battery life and performance.


Rack Inspection

Regular rack inspections help to avoid accidents.




Safety Light

The visual warning system which increases the work safety in your warehouse.


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